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Project Objectives

Project Concept

Overall concept underpinning the project

The INMARE consortium unifies multidisciplinary expertise and facilities, including advanced technologies to access and sample unique marine biodiversity hot-spots; state-of-the art technologies for construction of metagenomic libraries; innovative enzyme screening assays and platforms; cutting-edge sequence annotation pipelines and bioinformatics resources; high-end activity screening technology; bioanalytical and bioprocess engineering facilities and expertise, nanoparticle-biocatalysts; high-quality protein crystallization and structural analysis facilities and experts in IP management for biotechnology.

The companies involved in the project are market leaders in enzyme production and biocatalysis to more efficiently deliver safer (pharmaceuticals, cheaper (agriculture) and biobased (biopolymers) products. In addition, all participating companies feel responsible and committed to render chemical processes greener.

Further industrial partners involved, have impressive track records in natural products discovery for biomedical, especially anti-cancer (with the production of the first antitumor medicine from marine resources), environmental cleanup applications and public dissemination of science and in increasing the public awareness and interest in research.

The objectives for this project are as follows:

  1. Establishing a smoothly functioning consortium of research-excellent academic institutions and industrial partners with leading positions on the market.
  2. Streamlining and shortening pipelines of enzyme and bioactives’ discovery towards industrial applications by increasing the value of enzyme collections.
  3. Identification of new lead products and prototypes and delivery of new biocatalytic processes within the project lifetime.

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